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Information Management In Diplomatic Missions

Okereafor:Information Management In Dip
Autor: Chris Okereafor
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ISBN / EAN: 9783844374568

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  • Verlag: Dictus Publishing
  • ISBN / EAN: 9783844374568
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The role of foreign missions in the conduct of international politics and diplomacy is immeasurable. Diplomatic missions abroad have not only provided avenues for successful negotiations of bilateral importance, it has increased diplomatic rapport with all countries of the world. These functions seem to have been anchored on number domestic imperatives. The first is to expose ones country culturally to other nations of the world. Such exposures are intended to enable these nations to understand ones country better and be able to maintain a friendly relation for the realization of political and economic objectives. The second reason is that of creating a better image for the country in the comity of nations. Positive image-building has become a desirable diplomatic strategy in the conduct of international politics and diplomacy. An effective way of achieving these basic goals is through effective information management in diplomatic missions.This book therefore attempts to find out the level of information management in diplomatic missions.These, have become major issues and challenges of developing countries.

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