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Science Communication and Radio - A Challenging Road

Dayanithi:Science Communication and Rad
Autor: Jayaprakash Dayanithi
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639718409

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In developing as well as developed countries, science plays a great role for social welfare and empowerment. Of all the media, radio is an effective medium to reach the masses. This is because even illiterates can use this medium, especially in a developing country like India. All India Radio (AIR), community radio, Gyan Vani and private FMs make efforts in imparting scientific temper. The book covers the perceptions of the radio listeners about the potentiality of the radio to provide science programmes in an effective way in the urban areas. It explores the broadcasting intensity of the science programmes across radio stations. In the same line, effectiveness and use of the programme is examined. The book also examines the prospective use of radio in communicating the science programmes and the extent that radio has made effective contribution to the public understanding of science.

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